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1. Don't Be Rude (only give subjestions)
2. Don't post things off topic
3. Don't post anyone elses work with out crediting them.
4. You will be banned if you do the things above.

* You may post things such as drawings, lyrics, computer graphics, clothing design, paintings, sculptures, photography, unique work prefured
* This is not a ratting community. Everyone is accepted.
*Only post comments giving subjestions that arent to rude, or you may complement them.
* This community is for beginners and advanced. It doesn't matter how good you are to join.
*Don't post anyone else's lyrics thats boring we've seen those before, but you may post people's drawing, computer graphics, clothing design, paintings, sculptures, photography, but be sure its not the same crap we've all seen before.

1. Why did you join this community?
2. When did you start drawing, writing lyrics, doing computer graphics, designing clothing, painting, sculpting, photographing?
3. Do you plan to do anything envolving any of these things in the future?
4. If so what?
5. How did you hear about this community?
6. Post one place where you've promoted.
7. Post at least one drawing, lyrics, computer graphic, clothing design, painting, sculpture, photograph

by joinedatheheart

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